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Thin doesn’t equal healthy

I wish I was as skinny as that girl/boy. Only if I was a bit skinner, these pants would have suited me to a T. Only the skinny ones are the most beautiful and healthiest.

Is your mind also clamored by such thoughts as soon as you start thinking about health & fitness? Well, if it’s an aye from your end then we better pull the curtains of myths over your brain and let you understand the line of demarcation that exists between skinniness & healthiness.

The difference that we often fail to understand

A lot of times we are forced to give in to the notions of those who go on to portray life as a comparatively less stressful one, only if we looked skinnier. The society we are a part of recognizes only two types of humans – the thin and the fat.

Consequently, our brains too have been programmed in such a way that as soon as we come across any person, we can’t help but fit them in a respective shape standard that is either skinny or fat.

Let’s suppose that you are fat (or even if you indeed are), then it is sure that you are giving your best to work your way up to being slim. You’re saying no to your favorite takeout. You’re swapping a real dinner with a cold salad or soup that leaves you craving for more. You are following a bunch of Instagrammers who’ve achieved your goal body.  

Now, what if I say that turning skinny isn’t really what you are supposed to run after? 

You might put yourself at a disadvantage

It happens quite often that people push themselves too hard to achieve a certain body composition that they end up hurting their physical as well as mental health. You begin to compromise on your basic nutrition and before you know it, your family doctor isn’t too happy with how your vitamin profile looks.

A lot of surveys have reported that people who blindly ran after a skinnier appearance, ended up doing more harm. It is something which they still regret & the way to betterment seems almost non-existent.

Eating less isn’t the solution here, the only thing that can fetch you the desired results is eating healthy. You gotta let your notions drift beyond skinniness & fattiness.

Would you still like to be skinny just because your male or female counterpart is? Or, would you go for a state of the body that primarily ensures you a healthy living? 

You might as well befriend your love handles

Becoming healthy might seem like an enormous task when you hate your body. But guess what, if you just befriended your body for once and stopped stretching yourself beyond your limits for the sake of a slim appearance, you might see some real improvement in your health.

Here are a few easy ways to get you started on your journey to feeling better internally:

  • Eat right

Stating the obvious here, but here you go - what you eat has a close connection with your health. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just start by emptying your kitchen drawers (and bedside drawers as well) of processed foods and voila! You’re halfway there.

Another thing you can strive for is cooking your own meals. It could be a simple omelet in the mornings or a bowl of fresh fruits in the evenings. Knowing what you put into your body is a huge part of understanding the health conundrum. 

  • Embrace self-love

Here’s an often-overlooked remedy to a physical and psychological rut – self-love. The first thing you do is ask yourself why do you want to look different? Most likely, it's because you want other people to like you, and you believe looking a certain way will fetch you more love and acceptance. Instead of constantly trying to fit into a system that pits you against your own body, what if you adopted a new way of thinking that designates you as valuable exactly the way you are?

“I know how to love someone else, but how do I love myself?”

To practice gratitude for your body and mind, start by surrounding yourself with joy. It could be anything from putting some family pictures in your room to rereading your favorite book or getting some fresh flowers for your desk every week. Haven’t worn your softest, fuzziest socks in a while? Do it and make your body happy! You could also give your social media feeds a cleanse by unfollowing anything that makes you feel bad about your body.

  • Get moving

It will not be wrong to say that the perks of getting your daily workout are countless. Moving your body improves blood flow and fills you with vigor. Ever wondered why biking or hiking gets you all smiling and feeling good? It’s because you get a rush of mood-boosting hormones in your body every time you get that heart pumping with some exercise.

You can start by taking a stroll around the block or doing some light yoga. Do gyms make you nervous? You don’t even have to be at one to stay active. Just pick up a skipping rope or get jogging with your dog. Do what you can.

And for the bug of skinniness in your head, here is a lil reminder -

"The only box you need to fit into is that of a healthy body and mind. Everything outside of that is negotiable.”