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We love questions, and we're sure you'll love the answers.

Why does your chocolate melt when touched by human hands?

We are using natural cocoa butter which is the natural fat of the cocoa bean. It melts at just below our body temperature, around 93°F (33-34°C). If you hold good quality chocolate in your hand, it ought to melt. This melting property of cocoa butter gives the chocolate its distinctive mouth-feel. Whereas most commercially available bars and chocolates use Cocoa Butter Substitute that is made of refined, bleached and hydrogenated palm kernel oil which melts at around 100.3°F (38-40°C)

Why does a white layer form on top of your chocolate bar?

The white layer/bloom in the chocolate is a sign that it has not been stored at an ideal place. The most obvious type of bloom, fat bloom, looks like gray-white blotches and streaks on the chocolate and occurs when the chocolate is exposed to heat during storage. Sugars bloom, which leaves the chocolate feeling rough, occurs when the chocolate is stored in damp conditions. However this does not alter the nutrition and is completely safe for consumption.

Why are your bars oily?

We are using naturally ground nut butters, which are free from emulsifying additives like lecithin. So the natural butter present in the bar will form an oily layer at the top.

Is your protein bar made from whey or plant protein?

Our protein bar have been crafted to have a optimal mix of plant protein and natural whey protein. However, a plant protein alone does not contain sufficient quantities of all the essential amino acids. Whey is a high quality dairy protein, which contains all of the
essential amino acids that our bodies need to function optimally. We have created a product which has the goodness of both. The mix of plant and whey protein is digested quickly by our bodies which makes it a great option to help support muscle recovery after a workout or any activity.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source all our agricultural raw materials, either through selected trade channels or directly from farmers. We use a wide variety of different suppliers, whom have to comply with our quality standards. The suppliers we work with are regularly audited and the raw materials are tested on a frequent basis to ensure they continue to meet this criteria.

What are the quality control points you follow at your manufacturing unit?

Our manufacturing unit does have sophisticated quality control methods to ensure that every ingredient maintains its quality and safety through all processing stages, and that the finished products are packaged and stored safely.

We have:
 Frequent internal audits to ensure that our channel partner facilities abide with quality regulations on hygiene Quality of raw materials.
 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) help to achieve GMP compliance and secure safety in our manufacturing processing unit.
 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Food Safety Management System (FSMS) audits provide with a full picture of quality of the products from each stage of manufacturing process.
 FSSAI supervision also ensures that our manufacturing unit is protecting and promoting public health through food safety.

Why are the nuts and seeds used in your bar soaked in water?

Soaking nuts and seeds has enormous benefits for your health. When you soak and dehydrate raw nuts it makes them a lot easier to digest and more significantly brings out all the nutrients in the nut to provide a nutrient dense snack.

Soaking nuts allows enzymes to neutralize phytic acid and break down complex starch and encourages the production of beneficial enzymes which increase the vitamin and mineral content of the nut. This make it easier for your body to digest, metabolise and absorb the bio-available nutrients.

Are your products batch made?

Yes, all our products are Batch made like in olden days, where the products are freshly made at specific time intervals. This helps to maintain quality and makes sure we produce a great product every single time.

What is the Money Back policy?

1. All requests for this guarantee must be emailed to our customer service support at within 7 days after your purchase.

2. If for any reason, you don’t like the product that you have purchased, you can get a full refund if the request is made explaining the reasons for the refund in detail. Our service support team will call you in person and provide an appropriate resolution. Alternatively, we will try to replace the product with another product if requested.

3. Let's keep this clean. We want to earn the right to serve you, but PLEASE only request this policy for legitimate reasons. We wish to keep you as a customer and only ask the same respect.

4. We reserve the right to dispute this claim if we have any reason to believe that you are exercising this offer for self-gain. If you have exercised this offer repeatedly, we reserve the right to dispute this claim, including blocking your IP address and customer information from future orders. We wish to provide you with a guarantee, but we do not wish to be taken advantage of.

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